Frequency Regulation


"The Future of Energy is 'Net Zero Energy'
'Way Beyond Solar!'"

"Net Zero Energy" to Reach Revenues of $690 Billion / year by 2020
and $1.3 Trillion / year Industry by 2035

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"Changing the Way the World Makes and Uses Energy" sm


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Frequency Regulation

"Annual Worldwide Revenues from Frequency Regulation 
Services Will Surpass $27 Billion by 2022." ~ Pike Research

What is
Frequency Regulation?

The electric grid is kept in balance at 60 hz. Any deviation from this may cause serious problems ranging from damage to destruction of electrical equipment to a blackout. Because the supply and demand of electricity is always changing, the grid's frequency is always changing and it is critical the electric grid to be kept in balance and maintain 60 hz. The continuous and instantaneous balancing of supply and demand of electricity is known as "frequency regulation" or frequency response.


"The Future of Energy is 'Net Zero Energy'
'Way Beyond Solar!'" sm


Distributed Energy Resources

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"Changing the Way the World Makes and Uses Energy"


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What is Flywheel Energy Storage?

A Flywheel Energy Storage system is supposed to act as mechanical batteries that store power kinetically in the form of a rotating mass, or "flywheel."

When the grid goes down, the power stored by the rotating flywheel is converted to electrical energy through the flywheel’s integrated electric generator. The system provides the DC energy to the Uninterruptible Power Supplies or "UPS" system until grid power is restored or the facility's back-up power generator can be started. Once either the utility is restored or the genset provides power to the input of the UPS system, the Flywheel Energy Storage system will be re-charged by taking some current from the DC bus of the Flywheel Energy Storage until it is back up to full speed.

Problems with Flywheel Energy Storage

Mechanical - moving parts translate into high maintenance and operations as well as break-downs.

Operate at high speeds - some flywheel energy storage systems spin at 24,000 RPMs and higher.

"Wobble" effect - the flywheel spins at high-speed and its' inertia tends to make it wobble and exerts enormous force on the bearings as the flywheel works against the "natural axis" of the flywheel. To counter this, most flywheel energy storage companies use expensive bearings and magnets as well as expensive materials (high-grade carbon fiber &/or  high-grade steel) to counter the wobble and spinning forces on the flywheel.

Short run-down time - TFrom the time that a flywheel energy storage system has been "wound-up" and ready for use, to the time it can actually be used in means that they are not able to be used for long-term applications.  Most flywheel energy storage systems are therefore limited to short term applications ranging anywhere for a few minutes up to an
hour. This means that the actual run-time periods while deploying flywheel energy storage systems are very expensive, i.e.
$300,000 to $3 million / MWh (megawatt hour)

Expensive to buy, own and operate - The high costs of flywheel energy storage upwards - from $300,000 to $3 million / MWh (megawatt hour) for the best flywheel energy storage systems are not competitive with other energy storage and frequency regulation alternatives, particularly when the operating and maintenance costs are factored in. The biggest and best of all flywheel energy storage companies, Beacon Power, filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

Solutions and Alternatives to Flywheel Energy Storage

There are a number of alternatives for companies considering Flywheel Energy Storage systems for UPS, Frequency Regulation, Demand Side Management and Clean Power Generation. In terms of cost and run-time, CHP systems, operating in either cogeneration or trigeneration mode, are nearly impossible to compete with.

CHP Systems are inxpensive to buy, own and operate:

CHP systems cost +/- $2 million / MW to buy.  With natural gas at $3.00 / mmbtu, CHP systems, operating in either cogeneration or trigeneration mode have a fuel cost of +/- $0.03 (3 cents) / kWh and can run practically 24 x 7 x 365.

We can package a CHP system, operating in either cogeneration or trigeneration and have it installed, commissioned and running in about 2 months. Call / e-mail us for more information or a price quote. See pictures below of a 900 kW CHP system that was custom-built for one of our clients.


According to Pike Research, the requirements for frequency regulation is expected to double between now and 2020.


What is "Net Zero Energy?"

Net Zero Energy - when applied to a home or commercial building, simply means that they generate as much power and energy as they consume, when measured on an annual basis.

The U.S. Army now has a Net Zero Energy initiative to help reduce/eliminate America's use of foreign oil  - particularly oil from muslim/middle-east countries - which saves the lives of our brave soldiers in the military.

At the heart of a Net Zero Energy Building sm is the idea that any building can meet its energy requirements from low-cost, locally available, nonpolluting, renewable sources, like Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems. Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems are the idea whose time has come, to make Net Zero Energy Building sm commonplace.

Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems Provide All of the Cooling, Heating & Power, for Any Size Building, with only the Energy of the Sun. Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems Provide Simultaneous  Cooling, Heating & Power whether it is 12 Noon, or 12 Midnight,  and WITHOUT having to rely on the electric grid!

The Department of Energy developed the Commercial Building Initiative (CBI) and is pursuing the goal of marketable Net Zero Energy Building through research and partnerships. 

The DOE's CBI has developed tools and resources to help the commercial buildings industry improve energy efficiency at various levels of energy savings.


Graphic image showing an arrow going left to right, with the point at the right. To the right of the point, the text reads, 'Goal by 2025: marketable net-zero energy buildings.' Four points on the arrow are indicated with black lines and text below each line. Moving left to right, the text reads: 1. Base Scenario: Current commercial building codes and standards. 2. 30% Energy Savings: Advanced Energy Design Guides 3. 50% Energy Savings: Commercial Building Energy Alliances and High Performance Buildings Database 4. 100% Marketable Net-Zero Energy Building: Definitions and Net-Zero Energy Database

Department of Energy's "Net Zero Energy" 2025 Goal
Marketable Net Zero Energy Commercial Buildings


Net Zero Energy Buildings Are The Next Frontier

Revenue from net-zero energy buildings will grow rapidly over the next 20 years, reaching almost $690 billion 
by 2020 and nearly $1.3 trillion by 2035, projects Pike Research. That's a compound annual growth rate of 43%.


Revenues From Net Zero Energy Buildings
to Reach $1.3 Trillion by 2035



Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming,
What About The Buildings Already Standing?


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About us:

The founder of the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) was first involved in Net Zero Energy buildings and Solar Trigeneration sm energy system in 2001 - 2002.  This started with family-owned real estate developments in Northern and Southern California.  This interest was accelerated when REI's founder was introduced to the President of a solar company in Los Angeles and their client, the Audubon Nature Center at Deb's Park (Los Angeles) that was planning to build a new 5,000 sf office and conference center. Except, the new building for the Audubon Nature Center was about 1/2 mile from the end of the power lines and a very costly extension of the power lines to their new facility forced them to consider a solar solution. When the Audubon Nature Center's new 5,000 sf office and conference center was completed in 2003, the facility not only featured the Solar Trigeneration sm energy system - they were awarded one of the first Platinum LEED Awards by the USGBC - and the powerlines were still 1/2 mile away! To this day, 100% of the power and energy for the Audubon Nature Center's building is supplied by the Solar Trigeneration sm energy system - whether at 12 noon, or 12 midnite.  (The Audubon's facility also includes a battery energy storage system for back-up power generated by the Rooftop PV panels as well as a thermal energy storage system that stores the excess hot water generated by the evacuated tube collectors).

These early projects led to more client inquiries and engagements with real estate developers, architects and building owners in Southern California, Louisiana and Texas and the advent of a growing Net Zero Energy industry along with Solar Cogeneration sm  & Solar Trigeneration sm energy systems. This culminated in a family-owned 200 (Net Zero Energy) home real estate development in Desert Hot Springs which has been approved but not yet constructed. 

During this time, the REI's Founder became a volunteer and Advisor to the University of Texas' Solar Decathlon Competition. He coordinated the donation of the same solar thermal system used at the Audubon Nature Center's facility in Los Angeles, for UT's entry in the 2002 Solar Decathlon Competition in Washington, D.C.  UT's entry in the Solar Decathlon Competition placed 1st in the domestic hot water competition that year (2002) and 4th overall, out of 20 universities that had entered. 

In 2006, after Hurricane Kattrina devastated New Orleans, the REI was formed and several of the REI's board members and a Professor from the University of Texas School of Architecture formed a design team to enter the Brad Pitt/Global Green Rebuild New Orleans Competition.  Our entry also focused on sustainable building solutions and materials as well as the Net Zero Energy concepts, incorporating once again, a Solar Trigeneration sm energy system. 

Today, the REI "Flagship" has chartered the Renewable Energy Institute in Florida, with discussions to open REI state chapters in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Minnesota and Oregon. 

The REI supports greater use of Net Zero Energy systems by architects, builders, homeowners and owners of commercial buildings. This includes "upgrading" homes and commercial buildings to Net Zero Energy.  The REI provides Net Zero Energy; advertising, business development, conferences, e-commerce, education, marketing, online marketing, public relations, renewable energy, sales and strategic marketing solutions for architects, builders, cities, colleges, HVAC contractors, Net Zero Energy developers, real estate developers and universities.

Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Next Frontier


Net Zero Energy Market to Become $1.3 Trillion/year Industry by 2035

Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What About The Buildings Already Standing?



American Energy Plan sm

3-5 million new jobs

Net Zero Energy = Free Power and Energy!

= Fuel Savings of > $2.00/gallon

American Energy Independence
Ends the worst economic depression of all time





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“spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars every year for oil, much of it from the Middle East, is just about the single stupidest thing that modern society could possibly do. It’s very difficult to think of anything more idiotic than that.” 
~ R. James Woolsey, Jr., former Director of the CIA

Price of Addiction
to Foreign Oil

According to R. James Woolsey, for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, “The basic insight is to realize that global warming, the geopolitics of oil, and warfare in the Persian Gulf are not separate problems — they are aspects of a single problem, the West’s dependence on oil."


We support the
Renewable Energy Institute and the American Energy Plan by donating a portion of our profits to the Renewable Energy Institute in their efforts to reduce fossil fuel use through renewable energy and their goals to end fossil fuel pollution by reducing/eliminating Carbon Emissions, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The Renewable Energy Institute is "Changing The Way The World Makes and Uses Energy by Providing Research & Development, Funding and Resources That Creates Sustainable Energy via 'Carbon Free Energy,' 'Clean Power Generation' and 'Pollution Free Power' Through Expanding the use of Renewable Energy Technologies."

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"Changing the Way the World Makes and Uses Energy"


Frequency Regulation

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